Aluminium Scaffold Tower Hire

Tyco have scaffold tower hire available in Portsmouth and Hampshire. These alloy towers provide a much safer and secure means of working at a height – at home and on site. Simple to assemble, these self-build access towers are ideal for working safely and comfortably on overhead installations, decorating jobs, repairs, construction projects and more.

Our aluminium scaffold towers are industry standard pieces of equipment that use the 3T method (Through The Trapdoor) for safe and secure access. This means that the platform is accessed through a trapdoor by climbing the built-in ladder system, from inside the frame of the tower. Rather than climbing all the way up the outside of the tower, which could result in a fall from a great height, these towers are accessed internally, in stages. Whilst assembling the tower, you can install platforms at different heights. When you climb up the built-in ladder, you can access the lower level platform through a trapdoor in the platform. Then from that platform you can climb up further, to a higher platform. This ensures that you are fully supported by the structure of the tower as you climb up to the top.

These scaffold towers are available in ‘double width (1.45m)’ and ‘single width (0.93m)’, and with a choice of either a 2.5m or 1.8m long platform. This gives you the option of having a tower with plenty of space for workers and equipment, or a tower that is compact enough to use in tighter spaces.

Our scaffold towers have colour coded bracing to assist quick and easy assembly, and the platforms are fitted with a wind lock to ensure extra stability and durability. Safety toe boards, stabilisers and adjustable locking castors are also provided, ensuring a convenient and practical solution to your access problems, without compromising safety and security.

Tower Heights: 2.2m, 2.7m, 3.2m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.2m, 5.7m, 6.2m, 6.7m, 7.2m, 7.7m, 8.2m, 8.7m, 9.2m, 9.7m, 10.2m, 10.7m, 11.2m, 11.7m, 12.2m, 12.7m & 13.2m.

Note: The ‘Tower Height’ is measured to the height of the top handrail. The ‘working height’ of a tower is 1m above that. All towers above 9.7m are recommended for INTERNAL USE ONLY.

You can book a scaffold tower hire by calling our office with your’e requirements.