Temporary Roof Structures


Where there is a need for shelter to work or protect the underlying structure, Tyco Scaffolding can offer a fully encapsulated temporary roof. A temporary roof can be used for a wide range of buildings for a heritage building restoration through to large commercial buildings that are in need of roofing repair, loft conversion or other work that need to be kept dry from the outside elements. For each temporary roof job we understand the importance of weather proofing our structures so the work bellow can continue without interruption. By understanding the specific needs for your project we can propose the best solution for your temporary roof whether it is needed for a short period or many months.

Tyco Scaffolding are reliable and on time, we will work around your project schedule to ensure that the temporary roof construction and dismantling fit with the rest of the project requirements and that it is available when you need it. When planning your temporary roof we take into account the loading and by using the latest materials we can keep weight loading to a minimum while ensuring that your re-roofing can continue in even the most inclement weather that the British climate can dish out! Why not get in touch today about your temporary roof needs and we can arrange to provide you with a specification and quote for the work.


Temporary Roof