Domestic Scaffolding

At Tyco Scaffolding we have, over the years, offered an a first class service to all our domestic scaffolding clients with regards access solutions. On a regular basis we are working with private homeowners and small builders to provide them with a wide range of scaffolding platforms. Even if you think you can reach something with a ladder it is always best to work from a scaffolding structure that is safe and secure.

Scaffolding is perfect for any roof work and extensions, our customers also frequently use them for loft conversions to make sure that the work environment is very safe for you and all of your family.

For more information on our domestic scaffolding service in please drop us an email at

Bellow are a list of domestic scaffolding structures we offer

Fascia and soffit Scaffolding

Temporary roof scaffolding

Edge protection Scaffolding 

Loft conversion Scaffolding 

Re roof Scaffolding 

New build Scaffolding

Home owners domestic 

Tower scaffolding 

Domestic Scaffolding around Bungalow in Waterlooville
Domestic Scaffolding to front of house in Farnham
Scaffolding to front of house in Petersfield
Scaffolding in Portsmouth for re-roofing