Domestic Scaffolding

At Tyco Scaffolding we have, over the years, offered an a first class service to all our domestic scaffolding clients with regards access solutions. On a regular basis we are working with private homeowners and small builders to provide them with a wide range of scaffolding platforms. Even if you think you can reach something with a ladder it is always best to work from a scaffolding structure that is safe and secure.

Scaffolding is perfect for any roof work and extensions, our customers also frequently use them for loft conversions to make sure that the work environment is very safe for you and all of your family.

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Bellow are a list of domestic scaffolding structures we offer in the following areas.

Domestic Scaffolding Havant

Domestic Scaffolding Waterlooville

Domestic Scaffolding Cowplan and Horndean

Domestic Scaffolding Portsmouth

Domestic Scaffolding Winchester

Domestic Scaffolding Petersfield

Domestic Scaffolding Southampton


Choosing The Right Scaffolding For Your Residential Property

If you are looking to build a house or renovating your existing one then you will need proper scaffolding for your workers to execute this project. The workers at your home need to have safe working conditions and scaffolding is an important aspect of that safety.

It ensures that workers can work safely on elevated heights without the risk of being injured or falling. This is why you need to choose the right type of scaffolding for your residential project.

Here are a few ways you can make the right choice and guarantee the safety of your workers.


Tower Scaffolding

If there are multiple stories to your property then tower scaffolding is the ideal choice. This is because it provides workers with the ability to access all the stories including the roof and every region of the house.
This will make it easier for them to repair, work, paint, and do window frame treatments. This is best for when your home is being constructed or if your house is built but you need extensive renovations.

Edge Protection Scaffolding

This is a protection system for your workers that minimises the risk of falling so they can work in a safe environment. One can’t eliminate the workers from working at various heights but they can be provided with an option to be safe.
This is exactly what edge protection scaffolding does as it guarantees the safety of the workers no matter what height they are. If your property is elevated then this is an ideal choice for you.

Re-Roof Scaffolding

If your home project is limited to the roof and you want to fix that area then you need re-roof scaffolding. Your roof will be assessed so the appropriate scaffolding can be planned, erected, and then easily dismantled after the work has been done.
It will ensure that the workers on your roof can reach it safely while also carrying their materials and tools that they will need to complete your project. Reduce the hazard and risk for them by opting for re-roof scaffolding for your next roof project.

Loft Conversion Scaffolding

If you are planning to add more space through a loft conversion then you need appropriate scaffolding for that as well. Loft conversions are great for adding that extra bedroom or office to your property.
This is why you need to ensure that your workers have proper scaffolding in place so that any risk can be mitigated. It will allow them to carry out their work in a safe manner and giving them access to the extra space without any hindrance.

Final Words

Scaffolding is important and necessary. It ensures the safety and lowers the risk of any accidents or injuries that might happen on-site, be it commercial or residential.
Make sure you choose the right type of scaffolding for your next home project so the workers on-site can benefit from maximum safety and minimum risk.