Scaffolding in Andover

Construction projects and property renovations are seen quite frequently in Andover. When work has to be done on the outside of a building, it is not always safe for a worker to use a ladder or rope to reach those exterior areas. Instead, they should use scaffolding on the outside for the sake of safety. 

Scaffolding makes it easy for workers to do their jobs. It gives them plenty of space to walk around and manoeuvre without being restricted by the narrow space of a ladder. That is why scaffolding is so much safer and secure to use for renovation and construction work. 

What type of scaffolding do you need? Tyco Scaffolding can offer you scaffolding for hire to suit many different purposes, such as loft conversions, edge protection, temporary roofing, residential buildings, commercial buildings and more. Each scaffolding project is customised and designed specifically for the property of the client. 

Our scaffoldings are available for hire to any property owner in Andover. It doesn’t matter if you have a small two-storey house or a huge 20-storey office building. Our scaffolding designers are educated and skilled at creating scaffolds for any building you can imagine.

When you have a consultation with our designers, we will examine your existing building or the details of your proposed new build. It may include taking measurements, studying building plans and so on. After we obtain this information, we can design your scaffolding in a precise and organised fashion. That way, it will fit your building perfectly with little to no risk of accidents. 

The hire rates of our scaffolding start at £300 per month. The standard duration of the hire lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. All our scaffolding are health and safety compliant and can be delivered the next day. Contact us for more information about time and pricing of our scaffolding hires. 

Scaffolding erected in Andover for chimney access

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Scaffolding erected in Andover for chimney access
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