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Do you have a construction or renovation project on a building or structure in Basingstoke? If so, then you can hire safe and reliable scaffolding from Tyco Scaffolding. We offer some of the lowest prices on scaffolding in Basingstoke.

We have a diverse range of customers that include construction companies, industrial-based companies, and homeowners who want to perform do-it-yourself projects on their own homes. Whichever type of customer you are, we can accommodate your wishes.

Our range of scaffolding hires includes everything from commercial scaffolding for multi-storey buildings to domestic scaffolding for two-storey residential houses. There is no one size fits all scaffolding either. When you hire scaffolding from us, we will customise and install it to accommodate the height and width of your building. You won’t have to do any of the setup work because we do that for all our customers.

Tyco Scaffolding has a team of experts who are professionally trained in designing, erecting, and dismantling all types of scaffolding. We always take a health and safety approach to our installations. That way, we will keep you and your workers safe when standing on the scaffolding at extreme heights. 

Do you need a 24-hour emergency service? You are in luck if that is the case. We can come out to your building at any time and assist you with your scaffolding. Our mission is to lower the risk of injury from happening when our scaffolding is on your property. That is the big reason why we perform the installations ourselves. Our professionals know how to do it correctly so that safety is always maintained.

Three other services you might also be interested in include edge protection, Haki stair access, and temporary roofs. Contact our offices at 02392 259 026 for more information.

Tyco Scaffolding bungalow
Scaffolding erected in Andover for chimney access

How we work

Bringing you the best expertise in the business.
Collaboration is core to how we work with our clients, supply chain partners and with our colleagues.
Because of our commitment to only employing the very best people, your projects are delivered by experts in their field.
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scaffolding in waterloville for roofing repair
Scaffolding erected in Andover for chimney access
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