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Tyco Scaffolding are Portsmouth's leading scaffolding company

Offering scaffolding systems throughout Portsmouth and Hampshire 

If you are looking for  residential scaffolding Portsmouth or commercial scaffolding in Portsmouth and surrounding areas then why not call our scaffolding experts for a free quotation

Our scaffolding team have many years experience ensuring a professional scaffolding job at all times and erected according to current scaffolding guidelines.

On our initial visit to you, we will ascertain as to which kind of scaffolding you require. If it to be Structural, New Extension, Repair, Chimney work or Support? Or, are your premises a Listed?

All of the above will be taken into consideration before presenting a fully detailed Quotation. We will automatically provide a Risk Assessment and method statement as well.

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How we work

Family run Portsmouth Scaffolding company with family values we understand our clients and customers needs bringing you the best expertise in the business.
Collaboration is core to how we work with our clients, supply chain partners and with our colleagues.
Because of our commitment to only employing the very best people, your projects are delivered by experts in their field.

How to choice the best scaffolding contractor in the Portsmouth area

Safety whilst working on a construction site is incredibly pertinent. While building a great commercial property is important, it is also essential to do it safely and reliably. This is why it is best to hire an expert commercial scaffolding service.

They will reduce the risk of injuries and guarantee safety for everyone who is involved in the construction process. This is why you need to choose the right one for your commercial project.

Here are a few things to look for to choose a professional commercial scaffolding service.




Experience is the best teacher, especially in this field as it requires a lot of learning and getting used to the way things work. The more experienced a company is the more they will have learnt.
Everyone here at the Tyco Scaffolding team has years of experience in scaffolding projects, making us the right fit for your next project.

Equipment And Technology

To someone who is not in the scaffolding business, all of it may look the same. However, scaffolding is a complex structure that requires a wide variety of tools and techniques that depend on the project and what it entails.
Every commercial construction site requires a different set of tools and techniques to execute successful scaffolding. This is why it is important to make sure that the service you are choosing has the equipment that is required for your project and site. Thankfully, we are fully equipped with all of the latest technology and tools required to take on any commercial scaffolding project.

Final Words

Commercial scaffolding is a complex project that only an expert should take. If you are looking for a commercial scaffolding service for your next construction project then look no further and contact us now! Browse our website for more information and get a quote!

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