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Tyco Scaffolding are Winchesters leading scaffolding company.

Do you need to hire scaffolding in Winchester? There are a lot of tall buildings in the Winchester area and it would be  dangerous to renovate or develop such a building without the proper scaffolding installed on the outside. Scaffolding is what allows workers to safely access the high exterior areas of a building or structure. It is more convenient and much safer to use than a ladder because you have more stability and space to manoeuvre on it.

Tyco Scaffolding has designed scaffolding in Winchester for several decades. Our range of clients over the years have been both residential flat owners and commercial building owners. But even if you have a small house that is one or two storeys high, we can design the right scaffolding for it. We can custom design scaffolding for a structure of any shape and size.

Some of the scaffolding structures that we can design in Winchester include temporary roof scaffolding, fascia & soffit scaffolding, tower scaffolding, loft conversion scaffolding, re-roof scaffolding, edge protection scaffolding, and domestic & residential scaffolding. We can even provide your home or building with a temporary roof in case you need to replace or repair your primary roof.

Tyco Scaffolding hires the very best scaffolders in the business. Each one of our scaffolders has undergone extensive training in the field of scaffolding design and installation. We know how to draw the plans of the scaffolding and make it the right size for any commercial or residential structure. And most importantly, we know how to install the scaffolding properly.

With all the safety precautions that we take, accidents are rare. But, just in case, we have comprehensive public liability insurance coverage that protects against property damage or personal injuries as a result of the scaffolding.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose by hiring Tyco Scaffolding to provide scaffolding for your next construction project in Winchester.

Bellow are some Scaffolding projects we undertake in Winchester

  • Temporary Roofs Winchester
  • Domestic Scaffolding Winchester
  • Comercial Scaffolding Winchester
  • Residential Scaffolding Winchester
  • Industrial Scaffolding Winchester
scaffolding stairs
Large temporary Roof Scaffolding

How we work

Bringing you the best expertise in the business.
Collaboration is core to how we work with our clients, supply chain partners and with our colleagues.
Because of our commitment to only employing the very best people, your projects are delivered by experts in their field.
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